Soliciting Within Emlenton Borough

In response to concerns about soliciting, Emlenton Borough would like to share some information on solicitation, which is “the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone.”

Solicitation within the borough limits is allowed, but the solicitor must apply for a permit at the borough office.  Signage is posted at each incoming road.

Whether a renter or homeowner in any community, here are some tips on solicitation…

1.)   You do not have to open your door to strangers.

2.)   If someone tries to solicit at your residence, or out in public, you should ask to see their permit.

3.)   Whether they possess a permit or not, you do not have to provide them with any information or answer questions.

4.)   If you suspect criminal activity may be afoot, get to safety and call 911.  Emlenton Borough Police or Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) will respond accordingly.

5.)   If the situation is questionable, do not hesitate to call the Emlenton Borough Police Dept. (724-867-0911) to talk to one of our officers or leave a message.  Any information or details you can offer may help in the future.


Please share this information and thank you for your assistance in being the eyes & ears of our community!