Tips from Aqua America....

Prevent Frozen Pipes

When stationary water inside pipes drops to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it expands, which can then break pipes, flood interiors and cause major damage. As a preventive measure, Aqua Pennsylvania encourages homeowners to take the following steps ahead of the severe winter weather:

  • Make sure the lids on outdoor meter pits are not broken or missing.

  • Shut off and drain any outside faucets including those for lawn sprinkling systems.

  • Prevent drafts in unheated areas, such as crawl spaces or basements, by replacing broken glass or making other repairs.

  • Locate and visibly mark the home’s master water valve. In the event that a pipe does break, use this value to turn off water to the home.

  • Homeowners can also leave cabinet doors under sinks open to allow warm air to reach pipes. If it is below 10 degrees, customers can also leave a trickle of water (about the size of pencil lead) running overnight.

  • Aqua Pennsylvania also advises customers to take the following precautions in any unheated areas of their homes (e.g. outdoor faucets, crawlspaces and garages) when temperatures drop below freezing:

    • Be sure to have a supply of heat tape and pipe insulation, as well as a portable space heater and a hair dryer on hand.

    • Wrap pipes with insulation material or heat tape and wrap indoor water meters with a blanket.

    • Proper and safe use of portable space heaters can also keep exposed pipes in drafty areas from freezing.

    • Customers can thaw areas of frozen pipe by using a hair dryer. Hold the dryer six inches from the pipe and move the warm air back and forth. If this does not work, or the pipe is split, call a plumber.

2018 Annual Report • Emlenton Borough Police Department

Emlenton Borough would like to share the 2018 statistics on our police department’s efforts to protect and serve our community. This information is usually only available at the council meetings, but thanks to the new website borough officials would like to share this past year’s activities.

Traffic Citations: 87

Traffic Warnings: 46

Non-Traffic Citations: 33

Criminal Complaints: 66

Ordinance Complaints/Services: 59

Calls for Service: 101

Assists to other Agencies: 28

Court Appearances: 27

Telephone Call Messages Received: 212

Trick-or-Treating 2018

Fall is upon us! As our leaves change color & the weather cools, it’s time for Halloween and Trick-Or-Treating. It’s finally time for all of the spooky costumes to make their way through our streets in search of treats! Emlenton Borough & the Emlenton Civic Club will hold the festivities on Saturday, October 27th.

• Trick-Or-Treating: 4:00pm - 6:00pm •

• Contest Sign-Ups: 5:30 @ The Emlenton Civic Club, 605 Main Street •

• Emlenton Civic Club Parade and Events: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

For more info, visit…

Emlenton Borough Hiring Code Enforcement Officer


The Borough of Emlenton, Venango County is accepting resumes for the position of Code Enforcement Officer. This part-time position performs inspections of residential & commercial properties and related duties to ensure compliance with established zoning, municipal codes and ordinances for the Borough of Emlenton.  The officer provides property owners with written notices of violation and issuance of citations for non-compliance. $ 10.75 HR No prior experience is necessary.  Will train within.  Selected candidate will be directed & supervised by the Chief of Police.  Qualifications for this position are a High School Diploma or equivalent. Applicants must have a valid Pennsylvania Driver's License, no criminal history, and possess good communication skills.  Resumes should be sent to:

Emlenton Borough

ATTN: Borough Manager

PO Box 537

Emlenton PA 16373

Ph# (724) 867-0911

Fax# (724) 867-1918

Highland Avenue Storm Water Replacement & Restoration Project

After months of planning and a great deal of work, the Highland Avenue Storm Water Replacement & Restoration Project will soon move forward.  It was first necessary to allow Aqua America PA to update the sewage line on Highland Avenue, prior to the renovation and repaving.  Due to all of the planning, Emlenton Borough will be completing this project with minimal costs from our budget, and many thanks are owed to Aqua America PA who partnered with the Emlenton Borough to make this happen!

Earlier this year, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic (HRG) designed the storm water and paving improvement for Highland Avenue.  Excavations should begin on August 15th or 16th.  The duration of this can only be estimated at this point, but more information will be available at the meeting.

ALL HIGHLAND RESIDANTS SHOULD ATTEND THE MEETING on August 13th at 5:00pm.  Eck’s Dirt Works, Wilson’s Contracting and representatives from the borough’s emergency services will be there to discuss the closure of Highland Avenue during the excavations and paving.  After the excavations, storm drains installed and a rough grade put back in place, bidding for the paving will begin.  Paving for Highland Avenue will be completed at the latest by September 21st.

Please spread the word to anyone that this project might affect.  Highland Avenue residents will soon have the newest street in town!

Save the Date and Spread the Word....June 20th!

          If you haven't already heard, some really exciting things were discussed at last week's Mayor Town Hall.  Emlenton's borough manager, Nancy Marano, did a brief introduction to a pilot program that will help to re-develop our community focusing on the nature, trails and the waterways. 

Bill Fontana Director of PA Downtown/ Blueprint Community Initiative will meet with the ACRVR Blueprint communities on June 20 at 7pm in the Crawford Center Auditorium.  He will introduce our selection for the DCNR Nature Base Place pilot program to join our ACRVR Blueprint with Ohiopile, Clearfield County and Connellsville . This program will include planning the ACRVR’s future, incorporating marketing strategies and capitalizing on our natural resources, along with many other opportunities!  We will also be competing with other groups across PA to be named PA' s Nature Based Community of the Year!  This will open many doors for funding and tourism.  This is really a big deal!  The start date is July 2nd! 

          Spread the word and please mark your calendar.  We need to welcome Bill Fontana, and show him that we are ALL committed & passionate about the future of our valley communities!

Update on 2 Blighted Properties...

After a great deal of effort from the borough and county to find a contractor to remove the hazardous structure at 105 Main Street, one has placed a reasonable bid and will soon be removing the building.  Under contract, the property will be cleaned and remediated by June 8th.  The property will later be offered back to residents for purchase. 

Along with 105 Main Street, the remains of a home at 622 Center Street will soon be cleaned up as well.  The Venango County Land Bank has accepted to take possession of the property, and will be remediating it, so that it might also be offered back to residents.  The average time that it takes to remove a blighted property is about 3 years.  These will both be remediated well under that time frame!  Projects such as these take time when working with the borough and county, but Emlenton is moving forward!

April's Borough Meeting Tonight at 7:00PM...

The borough's April meeting is tonight at 7:00PM.  The meetings are open to all residents.  Feel free to attend if you have any concerns that you would like the council to address or if you'd like to know more about what is going on in the community in the upcoming months.  One of the things the borough is currently organizing is the COMMUNITY CLEAN UP.  We will once again have waste disposal available for spring cleaning in the next month.  The agenda for tonight's meeting and the minutes are now available on the "Resources" page well.